Dr Elisabeth Peden S.C.

Trainer & Speaker

Elisabeth’s objective is to work closely with clients to design and implement a quality and cost effective legal education programs specifically addressing their needs, and also ensuring that any continuing professional development requirements are satisfied.

Elisabeth has been actively engaged in legal education for decades (in conjunction with legal practice), and is a highly sought after speaker both nationally and internationally.

She has been retained by large international and national law firms, medium and small firms around Australia, in-house counsel (in large banks and corporations) and managers/non-lawyers in industry to provide bespoke legal seminars.


Seminars can be scheduled according to need:

  • to small groups and run as an interactive, practical workshop
  • as graduate training
  • to larger seminar groups
  • as a breakfast or lunch or after work session
  • as a whole day “refresher” or update
  • to different offices around the country.

A very engaging presenter with a terrific skill for explaining issues simply and with a very good sense for the commercial issues we face.

Content was very relevant to all practitioners, and there was lots of opportunity to ask questions regarding matters that come up in practice.

Fantastic seminar. It was valuable to review basic concepts that I have not revisited in a while, and also learn about new developments.

Presenter was very impressive – wonderful presentation style and ability to handle all questions in a meaningful way.

Possible Topics

Topics can be organised in consultation with you and your employees’ educational needs. Elisabeth is happy to make suggestions, or provide a seminar of your choosing. A selection of possible topics are listed below.


  • 2018-9 – contract law – a year in review
  • Risk allocation by contract
  • Negotiation and renegotiation
  • How to construe a contract
  • MOUs, Heads of Agreement and Conditional Contracts
  • Restrictions on rights to terminate
  • Consequential loss and exclusion clauses
  • Penalties – update since Andrews and Cavendish
  • Contractual machinery
  • Do we need to worry about good faith and implied terms?
  • Frustration and force majeure clauses
  • Assignment of contractual rights
  • Guarantees and indemnities – drafting and litigating
  • The minefield of repudiation


  • The Principles Revisited
  • In-house counsel
  • Waiver
  • Statutory bodies and commissions of inquiry


  • Privilege against self-incrimination
  • Without Prejudice Privilege
  • Common Interest Privilege


  • Affidavits – Avoiding the Pitfalls
  • Hearsay
  • Where are we up to with Opinion Evidence


  • Effective Statutory Demands
  • Directors Duties – A Refresher
  • Preferences and other voidable transactions
  • Public Examinations


  • 2018-9 – litigation and procedure – a year in review
  • Discovery/disclosure in the Federal Court/Equity Division
  • Duty Judge applications
  • Injunctions and Mareva Relief
  • Stays
  • Drafting effective pleadings


  • Interpretation of Wills
  • Challenging a will
  • Family Provision Claims


  • Caveats, restrictive covenants and easements
  • Relief against forfeiture
  • Valuation
  • Specific performance


  • Preparation including choice of mediator
  • Confidentiality and privilege and Ethical obligations

Elisabeth would be pleased to meet to explore ways in which she can share her knowledge and experience to enhance the professional development of your organisation.