Dr Elisabeth Peden S.C.


Elisabeth has a general practice with particular specialty in commercial and contract law.

She appears in all courts and tribunals, including NSW Court of Appeal and High Court. Elisabeth has acted for individuals, small companies, large companies and governments, providing efficient and effective advice and legal representation in litigation, including mediation. She was appointed Senior Counsel in 2019. She also is engaged as an expert to determine legal disputes.

See below for a list of recent cases.

General Equity & Commercial

Trentelman v Owners – Strata Plan No 76700 [2021] NSWCA 62; [2021] NSWSC 377 (owners corporation seeking entitlement to use swimming pool located on one owner’s lot). 

Sui v Jiang [2021] NSWSC 435 (contract dispute). 

Prospective Life Pty Ltd v Rui Liang Xian (t/as Lucky Styles) [2020] NSWDC 697 (contract dispute). 

Lawrence v Ciantar [2020] NSWCA 89; [2020] NSWCA 186 (Home Building Act; contract dispute).

Hardi Australia Pty Ltd v Good; Greenshades Pastoral Co Pty Ltd v Hardi Australia Pty Ltd [2019] NSWSC 730

Darzi Holdings Pty Ltd v Nolde Pty Ltd [2019] NSWSC 335 (lease; formation of contract).

Lawrence v Sammut [2019] NSWSC 464 (Home Building Act; construction of contract).

Puddick v Dyamond Developments Pty Ltd [2019] NSWSC 431(freezing orders; misapplication of funds; tracing).

Rose v Tunstall [2018] NSWCA 241 (unincorporated association).

Curran v Almond Investors Land Pty Ltd [2018] VCC 722 (proper construction of lease and option agreement; mistaken payments of money).

Dunphy v Russell [2018] NSWSC 721 (oral agreement; provision of funds towards purchase of property; trust).

Benjamin Nichols & BNE Pty Limited v NFS Agribusiness Pty Limited [2018] NSWCA 84 (costs after no dispute).

Campaigntrack Victoria Pty Ltd v Gary William Gannon & [2017] QCAT 272 (procedure; notice to produce dispute).

Hillam v JPSF Pty Ltd [2017] NSWSC 1510 

Lee v Kwak [2017] NSWDC 202 (joint venture; loan agreement).

WIN Corporation Pty Limited v Nine Network Australia Pty Limited [2016] NSWSC 205; [2016] NSWSC 153; [2016] NSWSC 523; [2016] NSWCA 36 (with Hutley SC) (contract dispute).

In the matter of Scahill & Co Pty Limited [2016] NSWSC 566; [2016] NSWSC 712 (contract dispute, statutory demand).

McKeith v Royal Bank of Scotland Group PLC [2016] NSWCA 36; McKeith v Royal Bank of Scotland Group PLC; Royal Bank of Scotland Group PLC v James (No 2) [2016] NSWCA 260 (with Sheehan SC) (employment and contract dispute).

International Petroleum Investment Company v Independent Public Business Corporation of Papua New Guinea [2015] NSWCA 363 (with Moore SC) (joint venture).

Russo v Desiatnik [2015] NSWCA 291 (contract dispute).

Campbell v Crane [2013] NSWCA 43 (with Sirtes SC) (easements).

Steele v Marshan [2012] NSWCA 141; Steele v Marshan [2012] HCASP 198 (contract dispute, solicitor retainer) Baker v Paul [2012] NSWSC 392; 83 NSWLR 364; Baker v Paul (No 3) [2012] NSWSC 1174 (contract dispute and contempt).

Ryde City Council v Pedras [2009] NSWCCA 248.

Strata Title

Trentelman v Owners – Strata Plan No 76700 [2021] NSWCA 62; [2021] NSWSC 377 (owners corporation seeking entitlement to use swimming pool located on one owner’s lot). 

EB 9 & 10 Pty Ltd v Owners SP934 [2018] NSWSC 464 (strata; entitlement of lot owner to access to lot).

Owners Corporation of Strata Plan 71623 v Waldorf Apartments Hotel, the Entrance Pty Ltd [2015] NSWSC 1658 The Owners – Strata Plan 74602 v Eastmark Holdings Pty Ltd; Eastmark Holdings Pty Ltd v The Owners – Strata Plan 74602 [2015] NSWSC 1981 (with Corsaro SC).

The Owners SP 78102 v The Owners – SP 78101 [2010] NSWSC 973 (with Sirtes SC).

Waldorf Apartment Hotel v Owners Corporation SP 71623 [2009] NSWSC 882; Waldorf Apartment Hotel, The Entrance Pty Ltd v Owners Corp SP 71623 [2010] NSWCA 226 (with Sirtes SC).

Medical Negligence

Parratt by his tutor Parratt v AME Properties Pty Ltd trading as St George Private Hospital [2016] NSWSC 798 (with Higgs SC).

Waller v James [2015] NSWCA 232 (with Higgs SC).

Wallace v Kam (2013) 250 CLR 375 (with Higgs SC).

Almario v Varipatis [2012] NSWSC 1557; Varipatis v Almario [2013] NSWCA 76; Almario v Varipatis [2013] HCATrans 193 (with Higgs SC).

Federal Court

ACCC v Ultratune Australia Pty Ltd [2019] FCA 12; [2019] FCAFC 164 (led by Sharpe SC) 

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission v ACN 117 372 915 Pty Ltd (in liq) [2015] FCA 368 (with M Green) (unconscionability).

Wenkart v Pantzer [2013] FCAFC 162 (bankruptcy dispute).

Civil Penalties

Gooley v Senior Constable Chad Stewart [2018] NSWSC 1738

Roads and Maritime Services v Addario [2012] NSWCA 412.

Land & Environment Court

Environment Protection Authority v Mistring Pty Ltd [2013] NSWLEC 9.


Elisabeth regularly appears in arbitrations. Visit https://arbitrationcounsel.asia for more information.

Elisabeth is uniquely qualified to assist clients with all legal issues.